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5 Great Ways PureCam Helps Police & Would Save your Insurance Cost

The PureCam car security system incorporates 24-hour video surveillance of both the exterior and interior of your vehicle, which is stored locally and on the cloud. These recordings and PureCam’s GPS capabilities provide you with the peace of mind you need.

5 Great Ways PureCam Helps Police & Would Save your Insurance Cost

The PureCam connected car security camera from PureGear is more than just a dashboard cam. It is a well-designed system incorporating front and interior video surveillance with high definition, night recording and car tracking. The recorded video is stored on the cloud through a 4G LTE data connection. A copy of the video is also stored on the SD card that is onboard the device.

Let's look at five great ways in which the features of the PureCam car security system can help police and save your insurance costs.

Keeping an eye on your unattended vehicle

PureCam has dual in car cameras that record the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Even while your vehicle is parked and the ignition is off, the PureCam is still powered on and automatically records and reports incidents.

Unlike competing brands which rely on the ignition to be on, PureCam manages to stay powered on because it is connected to the OBD-II port of your vehicle. This means that your system will not fail to record notable events. PureCam draws very little power from the OBD-II port and won’t drain your car battery.

The incident detection system depends on position G-Sensorswhich are activated when a force is applied to the vehicle. They respond to a wide range of forces from a burglar's smash and grab attempt to a fender bender from another vehicle.

These recordings will be uploaded instantaneously to the cloud over a 4G LTE network. You can then avail the video to the police who can then track the vandals or the vehicle that crashed into yours if the case is a hit and run.

This definitely makes it easier for law enforcement to expedite your case.

Capture video recording of accidents involving your vehicle

PureCam dash cameras provide unassailable video evidence before, during, and after the impact of an accident. This video will clearly vindicate you from any wrongdoing as far as causing the accident is concerned.

The video will also assist in the investigations that will be carried out by the insurance company regarding your claim. It will establish you as a responsible and low-risk driver and therefore save you from paying higher premiums.

Some competing brands do not have the capability to upload the video to the cloud through a fast and reliable LTE network. The only copy of the video will be on the dashboard camera SD card memory. The obvious disadvantage is that if the dash camera is stolen or damaged, then this video evidence is lost.

Tracking and recovering a stolen vehicle

The PureCam connected car security system has a comprehensive system of ensuring your vehicle is recovered if it is stolen.

If your vehicle is stolen from the parking area, The PureCam G-sensors will sense the motion and the system will send you a notification that your vehicle is on the move.

You can then report to law enforcement officers and avail them access to your mobile app which indicates the exact GPS location of your vehicle. The car video camera recordings will also clearly show the faces of the culprits.

These features will clearly help law enforcement officers to quickly and safely track and recover your stolen vehicle.

Record incidents not related to your vehicle

PureCam's dashboard cameras record in a continuous loop and captures video of both the front and the interior of the vehicle. It can record an accident involving third parties which you (as a responsible citizen) can then share with law enforcement authorities and assist them in their Investigations.

Monitor individuals driving your vehicle

One of the benefits of a car dash cam is that it acts as a deterrent to bad behavior and irresponsible driving. So when you lend out your vehicle, the individuals driving it will be aware that at the end of the day you will have a recording of their driving and behavior inside your vehicle.

This feature is particularly important to monitor your teenagers driving skills. Accidents caused by third parties driving your vehicle will eventually lead you to pay higher premium insurance rates as the owner of the vehicle.