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IPhone Life Review: PureGear's Cellular-Enabled Dash Cam Delivers

The PureCam 4G LTE Dual Lens Dash Cam from PureGear has a great companion app and the interior camera is helpful for rideshare drivers.

iPhone Life Review: PureGear's Cellular-Enabled Dash Cam Delivers

Describing the PureGear PureCam as “high end,” the reviewer also found several distinguishing features:

  • First, the PureCam has front and rear cameras. Not a rear camera for the back of the vehicle, mind you, as some do, but a lens built in to the dash cam that faces the interior of the car. I can see this being useful for Uber and Lyft drivers who need to keep an eye on their customers.
  • There's a slot for a cellular SIM card. This is quite useful as it gives you GPS capability and can alert you to movement when you're away from your car. My wife borrowed my car and I received an alert.
  • The PureCam comes with a special microUSB cable that plugs directly in to the car's OBD, which is often located below the steering column. This keeps your 12-volt adapter free to charge your iPhone and other devices.
  • With cellular service, the PureCam can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to three devices. That alone is a valuable feature that people pay extra for as an option in some vehicles.
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